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Matching Tech & Big Ideas


Atedia is an agency that facilitates Joint Ventures. Creating value thru creative applications of new technologies


Current Partnerships

Epigenetic personalized nutrition

A collaboration with leading epigenetic and functional medicine practitioner.

We are assisting in the development of nutrition based on the latest science of epigenetic expression.  We are facilitating joint ventures in testing, co-branding and software development.

Hydropower & Wavepark

Moving masses of water generate energy. Surfdam has the mission to combine energy production with the fun factor of surfing.

Resulting in an ecologic and economic win-win.

Facilitating collaboration between wave experts, energy & turbine companies and tourism industry.

3D printed Treehouses

3D treehouse has the mission to build real sustainable living in symbiosis with the tree.

Not only is a 3D printed, AI designed structure much lighter and less harmful for the tree.  Waste and water management provides a true co-living relationship with the tree.



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